Your “fuck Trump” project recently came to my attention.

My name is Luis Díaz, I am 45 years old, Mexican, born, raised and living in Tijuana. I studied graphic design and I recently started a certification in “Nonviolent Communication”.

As you can see I cannot vote in the USA, like the saying goes “I don’t have a dog in the race” but it’s a reality that what happens in the USA affects Tijuana, Mexico and in some scale the rest of the world.

As a fellow colleague I would to share my thoughts on your project.

I am deeply sad to see so much energy and creativity being channeled towards hate.

I can see the frustration and the anger that Donald Trump stimulates, but I beg you to please go deeper, let the conversation go deeper.

Hate, anger and all of our feelings are there to guide us and let us know what is important for us, and the angrier we get the more important some thing is, when something valuable that we cherished is not being taken into account feelings of sadness, hate, frustration or fear arise.

I invite you NOT to eliminate this project, this one shows the magnitude of your anger and what you are willing to do.

But do a second project where you ask illustrators and designers to create images and messages that “all the people in the USA” can connect with, can appreciate, one that demonstrates what you cherish and strive for.

But these second images will have a difficult time to visually impact the viewer as much as the first ones you will have to work double or triple to achieve this, because expressing anger and judgments is very easy but to create something so beautiful, so enriching, so unifying takes time. Like a bridge.

Donald Trump takes the easy road of creating divisiveness and knows how to benefit from it, but I believe that the Achilles heal of Trump lays is the depths of empathy, understanding, dialogue, conversations and unity.

I think that he cannot handle someone who is willing to take him deeper; he would like to rest in superficial and easy issues. The deeper he goes get the more scared he will feel it is unknown territory for him.

But not for you, as creators and artists you have a curiosity of the unknown, bring him to this place, it’s your ground, your territory. Where there is no right or wrong, no left or right, no they or I, there is only “us”.

Take us there where we can all unite.

Peace out colleagues,

I would be happy to continue a discussion if you are up for it.



P.S.: Sorry about my grammar : )