The exercise was to choose one self-judgments and 3 people would give you empathy for 2 minutes each.
I chose to play and exaggerate a positive judgment. And the game began, a person sat in front of me and I said:
– I am the greatest at empathy, it’s amazing this gift I was born with, I just wake up super happy every morning because I have, or we as humanity have been blessed with this gift I was born with
She looked at me thinking, you got to be f*kn kidding me, and said:
– Wait, what did you say?
– Yes you heard me correctly. I have an amazing capability of being empathetic without even trying
– So are you happy about this?
– Of course!
– Ahggg! She said with her eyes turning to the side.
– Do you need some right now?
– No, no thanks, I’m ok. And this… this…
– You can call it super power
– …Ok this “super power”, would you like to be recognized for it?
– No, no, it’s ok

TING! The bell sounded, next person

– Hello, another one said with a sweet but firm voice.
– Hello, I have something to share with you
– Yes, I am here, I am listening.
– Well I have to live with the knowledge that I am the most empathetic person in the world
– I want to punch you in the face! Then laughs
– It’s ok you can if you want, and I would understand, it’s part of my nature to be empathetic even if someone attacks me.
– Ok, ok I get it, do you need solidarity?
– No
– Celebration?
– No
– Empathy?
– No, I can give myself empathy just fine, and even better that anyone else

TING! Next person

– Hello
– Hello, I would like to share with you that I have this incredible ability to give empathy, it’s like I don’t even have to try and I’m in that mode all the time
– That’s wonderful!
I get baffled, and after a couple of seconds
-… … Yes… like I said… I am like a super hero of empathy
– You must be very happy?
– Yes I am, and every body else to
– And when you are this happy you must be also satisfying your need for security?
– No, I don’t think so
– What need could it be satisfying: cooperation? Appreciation? Like a reason for being?
– I think more like sense, yes sense, like my life has a purpose
– Then when you acknowledge this super empathy power, you feel very happy because you find purpose and sense in your life?
– Yes

TING! Exercise is over

I played with this exercise just for fun. But I started to feel so big, almost like I was pushing something, like I was making a bubble. A protection bubble of happiness and mostly security.

And then someone said, – That’s wonderful! It seemed like they were not looking at the bubble but right at me. And this centered me, then I found that this super power was giving sense to my life.

And I remembered Donald Trump and other people I have encountered that look at themselves in a very positive way. Maybe they are just forming a bubble of security with all their words, and maybe if you talk to them, to their humanity, like Sylvia Haskvitz once told me, they stop focusing on the bubble and start seeing the need that is creating all this energy, they start connecting with themselves in a clearer way, thus connecting with others in a more authentic way.